Coffee from Ecuador

Soleluna's Coffee Philosophy

We are coffee people. Our coffee is sourced from Ecuador. The medium roast (honey- washed) is from Loja, and the dark roast is from Manabi. Pulling the perfect espresso and creating the most delicious coffee drinks is so important to us. Come in and give this incredible coffee a try. 

Hot Coffee

Latte $3.5

12 oz. Double espresso, steamed milk, microfoam. 

Cappuccino $3.5

12 oz. Double espresso, steamed milk, structured foam. 

Flat White $3.5

8oz. Double espresso, lightly frothed milk. 

Americano $3

12 oz. Double espresso, hot water. 

Cortado $3.25

4oz. Double espresso, steamed milk. 

Double Espresso $3

Medium honey- washed or dark roast espresso. 

Cold Coffee

Iced Latte $3.5

16 oz. Double espresso, milk, ice. 

Freddo Cappuccino $3.5

16 oz. Double espresso, cold- foamed milk, ice. 

Freddo Espresso $3

16 oz. Cold- foamed double espresso, ice.  

Iced Americano $3

16 oz. Double espresso, water, ice. 

Iced Coffee $3

16 oz. Cold coffee, ice. 

Iced Tea $3

20 oz. Cold- brewed green or black tea.